My current team in firered:
 (At somepoint I throw out my starter, whish was Bulbasaur)

So there is:

Adalar (Dragonair), as a Dratini very very timid but he grew up really fast and is becoming my strongest Pokemon at the moment. I imagine him as some kind of royal, with maners and a strict attitude, though with a kind heart.

Porente (Farfetch’d), he was quite difficult to train but became quite awesome when he learned some proper flying attaks.I think he´s a adventure guy, but small and with a mouth larger than what is good for him.

Bernadette(Clefable): She is asskicking. Hell I never new they could become such strong pokemon! When I caught her as a Clefairy I just put her into the team for fun but she beat up EVERY FREAKING ROCKET in the cave so I kept her. She has mostly physical attaks,she is cute but deadly. And together with Bogdana.

Bogdana(Wigglytuff): She may be chubby but her mainattacks are non-physical like singing, psycho and so on. If this doesn´t work she still has Bodycheck. You don´t want her to bodycheck you. She was very furious as a Jugglypuff and I liked her a lot. She is together with Bernadette.

Mimose(Mr. Mime) He was qute string from the beginning so I had to hold him back a little for he got rebellios at some point. I imagine him as very feminin, but definatly male in identity. He´s shy and likes to dance when noone is looking.

Sila(Persian): She is my favourite!!! As a meowth I nearly sorted her out because she would never win, but after some time she got it and with a few ectra Tms she became the most awesome persian I ever had in a team. She uses ghost and dark attaks, so I imagine her to be a tuff sorceress or assisin. She and Mimose are a couple. The ladyboy and the Warrior!Queen. I like them ;D

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